The LFF Story

Lauren Lerner took her personal hobby and transformed it into a career and in the process turned Lauren’s Fab Finds into a multi-million dollar business.   Because of her reputation and experience in the industry, Lauren is a trusted expert on reselling items online – so much so that she was featured in both October 2014 and September 2015 as a resale expert on ABC World News Tonight with David Muir and Good Morning America.

Lauren began to develop her business in 1999, when she needed extra money for her wedding.  That need became a life-changing experience, introducing Lauren to the online retail industry.   She earned the extra money and then some by successfully selling her own personal items like designer bags, shoes and clothing on eBay. 
Lauren's Fab Finds was created organically on the grounds of finding a solution to a problem that many had in the late 90's. The problem? Not being able to resell for the price something was worth.

Friends and family quickly noticed the success that Lauren enjoyed selling her own merchandise and began to ask her to sell for them (clearly she was not the only one having trouble selling pre-owned things for what they were worth).  That led to the creation of Lauren’s own online consignment store: Lauren’s Fab Finds.

Lauren prides herself and her staff on impeccable customer service in both consigning for her customers and selling online.  Customers enjoy the confidence that they receive the best price while consignors know they earn they most money possible.  Since the inception of Lauren’s Fab Finds, Lauren sees the business as a win/win for everyone.  Consignors sell items they no longer want or use while buyers find great deals on things they enjoy or need.

Currently, Lauren’s Fab Finds is one of the premier ecommerce consignment businesses, selling on multiple websites with an international customer base.